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The House of Obakki

Last night Edie Hats and Tart Boutique attended a fabulous fashion show at Obakki in Gastown. This wonderful event was hosted by Ask a Woman Event Planning and all in aid of raising awareness for an exciting campaign in the … Continue reading

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A new Hat for Easter – like you need an excuse!

The wearing of a fancy new hat on Easter Sunday is traditional in Christianity. Continue reading

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Edie Orenstein and the Quest for Pleasure

Like all journeys, a quest for pleasure must begin somewhere. For Edie, it began in childhood, growing up in a theatrical home filled with art and without inhibitions. Her father was a painter and her mother an actor of high … Continue reading

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Tart with a Heart says: Home is where the Heart is…

Finally open and its feels great to be home! It has been a very exciting few weeks, full of pre-show nerves. It’s always a little scary being the new girl on the street. I was also unsure how receptive the community would be to my more grown-up products. Continue reading

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Introducing Edie Hats Little Sister: TART

With the dress rehearsals over Tart Boutique is finally ready to put on the main show and open the doors to her new permanent home next to the Arts Club Theatre on Granville Island. She will be opening her doors … Continue reading

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Perfumes Make Scents: Part Two – A Buyer’s Guide

The perfumes available at Tart have been carefully selected. Many are unique. All speak their own individual, wonderfully sensual language. Here are some of the outstanding perfumes you can try at our store: Ombre Rose (J-C Brosseau) – created by … Continue reading

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Perfumes Make Scents: Part One – A Brief History of Fragrance

by: Andrea Perfume Display at Tart Boutique Have you ever caught a whiff of someone as they breezed by you on the street and been instantly transported to another place? Scent is particularly effective at triggering emotional and psychological memories, … Continue reading

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