What Bloggers are saying about Tart Boutique:

Vivianne’s Undiscoveries
Top 15 Must-Sees on Granville Island
5. Discover your sensual side at this new addition to the island. The lush, velvet couches, silky drapes and soft lamps will transport you to the courtesan quarters of 18th-century Europe. While sexy lingerie and toys are offered, you can also find simple shirts, ties, dresses and jewelry. Try their organic shaving creams, exotic massage oils and perfumes. Or, kick back with one of their books, and learn anything from how to prepare a romantic dinner for two to how to be more eco-friendly between the sheets. Read more…

The Passion Coach: Eryn Faye
I sent Eric and Riley to check out another part of the island while I perused the place. I have to say that it was the most delightful “adult” store I have ever entered. Tart Boutique barrages the senses with elegance, sophistication and sensuality. Their tag line – deliciously sexy – truly captures the essence of the store. The boutique has products which range from classy cuff links for men, to stylish hats, to beautiful clothing, to corsets.
Read more…

Through The Porthole
The clothes are awesome. There is sexy lingerie, silky bedtime gowns, beautiful dresses and I think I saw a corset or two. There are books (wink wink nudge nudge), massage gels, karma sutra products. Cuff links and necklaces. This place is class. Regardless of your tastes, Tart can add a certain something to the marriage and the bedroom. Put your inhibitions aside and head on in. Its worth it. Read more…


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