Men who only take two minutes…

Finally! Our organic line of shaving creams and lotions have arrived from England. In celebration, here are a few tips (courtesy of Edwin Jagger) on how to get the perfect shave in just two minutes.

The irresistible sexiness of a man wet shaving

 2 Minute Shave

2.00 Run hot water into a basin
1.50 Place shaving brush in the water
1.45 Splash hot water onto the beard area
1.35 Dip shaving brush into shaving cream and whip up a lather in your palm or shaving bowl
1.25 Lather your face using a circular motion
1.05 Take your razor and starting by the sideburns, shave with the growth of your beard. Down the cheeks, sideways near top and bottom lip, shave with the growth under the chin.
0.25 Rinse your face and pat dry
0.10 Apply a small amount of moisturiser
0.00 Admire yourself in the mirror

More and more men are putting down their electric razors and returning to the wet shave. A wet shave allows for a closer shave with a smoother finish. As we like to say here at Tart, the wetter the better…

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Pure Luxury In A Bottle

Pur Attar Oils
While Tart Boutique will travel to the ends of the earth in order to source the best products available, it is always great to find luxurious high quality on our own front door! The discovery of Pure-Attar, a line of sumptuous oils, was a gift from the Gods.
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The Mysterious Legend of the Hidden G-Spot

Ladies, ever feel like you are playing a game of hide and seek with your G-Spot? Gentlemen, ever feel like you are on an Indian Jones mission without a map? Not to worry help is, um, at hand….

Women have fortuitously been granted more than one place where orgasm can be reached. While the clitoris is the most common source of orgasm, the G-Spot offers a much more intense experience – the writhing, seeing God, loss of oxygen to the brain kind women in films seem to have so easily all the time.
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Leather Art by Monika

At Tart Boutique we like to support and show-case local designers who embody our ethos. This week we met Monika from Sadryna Designs, whose exquisite hand-made leather bags and clothing mixes a European attitude to style with a laid back West coast energy.

Leather belt by Sadryna Designs

Leather belt by Sadryna Designs

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The Trench Coat

The Trench Coat

Scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's

A British Classic With Contemporary International Appeal

Two British iconic brands, Burberry and Aquascutum, both take credit for creating this timeless piece. However, it was Thomas Burberry who first brought the design to the United Kingdom War Office in 1901, thus introducing it as a military raincoat. Nicknamed the ‘trench coat’ by front line soldiers in WW1, the coat quickly gained international popularity for its simple style and versatility.
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The Story of O

The Story of O

As a purveyor of sensual exploration I aim to both provide information to those seeking it and to offer new ideas to those open to them. My library is a cozy space where I invite the curious to take a peek at a world which may be unfamiliar…

One of my favorite recent arrivals is an erotic graphic novel, The Story of O. Beautifully illustrated by Italian artist Guido Crepax, it is an adaptation of French author and journalist Anne Desclos’ original novel.
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Men On Fire!

Firetruck at TartMen on Fire! Tart’s first event in an on-going series with Romance author Susan Lyons, and the Vancouver Fire Dept.

Come share a fun way to give, get and connect with our community. One of Tarts’ favorite charities is the local Firefighters Association. Everybody – young and old loves fire-trucks! Tart playfully acknowledges how sexy everything about firefighters and their equipment is. Apart from “taking care care of us” … and looking OH SO GOOD while they do it – firefighters endanger themselves daily and undertake the city’s most gruesome tasks at accident sites.
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A new Hat for Easter – like you need an excuse!

NY Easter Bonnet

New York Easter Parade

The wearing of a fancy new hat on Easter Sunday is traditional in Christianity. Lent, the forty days of abstinence before Easter Sunday, is rewarded by feasts and the indulgence of new outfits. It is an old tradition. A 15th Century Almanac states that ‘if on Easter Sunday some part of ones outfit is not new, they will not enjoy good luck during the year’!

Today, the custom of wearing an elaborate hat on Easter Sunday can still be seen. New York’s Easter Parade on 5th Avenue can rival any day at the Ascots. On Easter Sunday the churches are full to the brim (pun intended!) of ladies in their finest and widest feathered and floral pieces.

At Edie Hats and Tart Boutique we celebrate this tradition with gusto! Pop by to dress up in our finery and take part in our annual Chocolate Easter egg hunt!

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Spring Trends for the Fashion Savvy

Straw ClocheSpring has arrived bringing with it a new line of colors and styles at Edie Hats and Tart Boutique.

Ladies, take note – simplicity. Details. Classic styles and shapes with a contemporary influence. Perennials such as the trench coat makes an always welcome return and our 100% cotton line are light, easy to wear and an essential piece to any urban wardrobe. Match with a cotton driver cap for an edgy yet sexy look.

Abstract florals with a cute straw cloche for days at the beach. Bring the look into evening with a wide leather belt and some simple heels. For night, less is more and the naughtier this season the better. Underwear as outerwear. Depending on courage, a peeping strap or a full lace bodice or corset on display.
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The Art of Shaving

Edwin Jagger RazorWomen understand the importance of taking some time and indulging in grooming, a routine that is about pampering yourself and taking pride in personal appearance. The average man will shave twenty-thousand times in his life. While many consider this a habitual daily chore, more and more men are re-discovering the art of shaving. Every man should find some time in the morning to pamper himself with a pleasurable shaving routine.

Plastic and cheap shaving gear does not inspire any sense of indulgence, a gentleman deserves the finest quality tools.

Edwin Jagger from England hand-makes traditional shaving tools using skills only few craftsmen in the world have mastered. Their brush heads are made from pure badger hair, which is best for both holding water and exfoliating. The handles range from a Bentley inspired chrome finish to an expertly crafted ancient ‘Barley’ pattern. Razor handles are made from solid brass and will fit Mach 3, Fusion and Excel disposable blades. Along with these beautiful tools they also carry a line of natural shaving creams and soaps. Fragrances used are traditional, simple and masculine. Sandalwood, Aloe Vera and Sea Buckthorn, all cultivated organically and efficiently sourced where possible.
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