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Salons: A Haven for an open mind

Throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance, many Venetian women became the most sought after courtesans in the world. Beautiful, educated and often accomplished singers, poets and artists who were paid small fortunes for their companionship by politicians, poets, merchants and … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Legend of the Hidden G-Spot

Ladies, ever feel like you are playing a game of hide and seek with your G-Spot? Gentlemen, ever feel like you are on an Indian Jones mission without a map? Not to worry help is, um, at hand…. Continue reading

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The Story of O

One of my favorite recent arrivals is an erotic graphic novel, The Story of O. Beautifully illustrated by Italian artist Guido Crepax, it is an adaptation of French author and journalist Anne Desclos’ original novel. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Talking to a stranger about your mother’s sex life is not a conversation most people plan to have on a regular day. Recently, a lady wandered in looking for a birthday gift for her mother, a sixty-five year old widow … Continue reading

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Tart with a Heart Translates Greek…

Anal sex is a topic that, whether you love it or loath it, triggers impassioned reactions. Many people abhor the act, vilifying it as both degrading for the receiver and unhygienic. My mission is to de-mystify misconceptions and to put … Continue reading

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