Tart Boutiques’ Naughty List

We all work hard and so with gusto we embrace these few days in the midst of Winter every year to indulge.  Champagne, elaborate dinners, new outfits and the exchanging of gifts are the glimmering lights that guide us through cold, dark days and keep us cheery ‘till Spring.

Tart Boutique is here to offer up some suggestions to make the gift of giving much more… pleasurable!

1) Massage. The act alone is a beautifully sensual gift and can be done with any cheaply purchased oil. However, with a couple of tools and fancy oils it can go from a simple gesture to royal treat! The combination of ergonomically designed stones from Jimmy Jane and the deeply relaxing fragrances from Pure Attar will leave your partner feeling utterly spoiled.




2) The gift of Orgasam. With dark nights drawing us in and dull re-runs on the TV, it is the perfect time of year for indulging in extra long sessions with your partner. Orgasms are such wonderfully diverse things that there is always room for innovation and creativity.  Add some toys into the mix and you have the ingredients for a very Happy Holiday! We thoroughly suggest the We Vibe… 





3) Grooming. Every man deserves the right tools for his daily shave.  In a sea of cheap, plastic drug store brands the benefits of using the right tools can sometimes be forgotten. However, ask a man how different he feels after using classic shaving tools from Edwin Jagger, Manchester and they will rave about the soft brushes, comfortable handles and ultra manly fragrance of the organic soaps.





4) Bling. As exciting as a large gift is to open, we all secretly hope for a small little box with a bow. Jewelry is such an intimate purchase that it is thrilling when somebody takes a chance and gets it right.  Nicole Thomas’ line are unique one off pieces made from reclaimed silver, pearls and ethically farmed butterfly wings. Beautiful colours and shapes which never fail to please. 




5) Literature. A book is something one can linger over, browse through at their leisure. Few things are more pleasurable than curling up with your favourite topic.  Whether it be Art, Fashion, Travel, Sex, Food or a timeless classic such as Wuthering Heights, Tart Boutique has an enviable library! Our top three favourites are

1) The Big Book Of… series Taschen series paying homage to everybodys’ favourite body parts! We have legs, breasts, bums and penises!

2) The Private Collection – A collection of Erotic Victorian Photography.

3) Louis Vuitton, Art, Fashion and Architecture

If you have any questions about any of our products, or to enquire about gift wrapping or gift certificates, please feel free to pop in and ask one of our sales associates!


About tartboutique

Tart is a deliciously sexy boutique filled with beautiful things.
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