Tart Boutique gets hot in the kitchen…

…Ok enough of the bad puns about heat and firemen, as much as I enjoy them there’s cooking to be done.

With three guests to impress and not much time for slow cooked meals in a hectic lifestyle I have skimmed through the Vancouver Firefighters ‘Pot on the Stove’ cookbook to find something simple and healthy. Mandeep’s Tomato Chicken Curry looks perfect. Ingredients are easily sourced at the Granville Island Public Market and aside from the rice, this dish is essentially a one pot affair. Surely I can manage that…

The shopping: Olive oil (30ml), Onions (2 large diced), Ginger (2 Tbsp diced), Garlic (2 Tbsp diced), Green/Yellow/Red pepper (2 chopped), Potatoes, (4 large, chopped) Tomato paste (half a cup), Madras paste (quarter cup), Chili pepper (1 tsp), Cilantro (2 Tbsp) , Chicken breasts (4 cubed)) and stock (2 cups), Champagne (1 glass).

The Cooking: In a large pot on a medium/high heat, add first six ingredients.

Easy. Stir and cook until onions are soft. Pop champagne cork and pour glass. Drink.

Next, add the pastes and chili pepper.  Stir. Done. Add the chicken and the cilantro, stirring for a few minutes and adding a drop of water.

Turn down the heat and add the stock, stirring to make sure nothing sticks to the pot. Simmer for 30 minutes and serve with some healthy brown basmati rice.

Serve. (Further Champagne optional but recommended)

A brief pause by guests at the beginning of the meal caused momentary concern. Oh goodness. To hot? Potatoes not cooked? Nope, just savouring the deliciousness. Success!

The Vancouver Firefighters Celebrity Cookbook ‘Pot on the Stove’ is available at Tart Boutique for $15. All proceeds go to their selected charities, mainly the BC Children’s hospital. It includes recipes from local firefighters and celebrities such as Sarah McLaughlin, Michael Buble, Jamie Oliver, Trevor Linden, Steve Nash, and many others.


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