I vibe, you vibe, WE vibe!

Among the many fabulous goodies nestled around Tart Boutique is a bone fide superstar. This superstar has been featured in The New York Times, Glamour, GQ, Cosmo and Marie Claire to name but a few. Spotted at the Oscars, Super-bowl and other high profile events, this Canadian has gleaned international awards and gained an explosive reputation.

The story of the We-Vibe is a success story on many levels. Designed by a suburban husband and wife from just outside Ottawa who felt the world needed a perfect couples toy. After several years of intense, grueling research and design, they eventually came up with the We-Vibe.

What makes this toy stand out against so many others is not simply its clever design. This is a medical-grade silicone toy, meaning it does not have phthalate, lead or other nasty chemicals often seen in cheap, poorly made toys. Re-chargeable, nine different pulsating modes, flexibility, dual motors and ergonomically designed to benefit BOTH parties, this is one toy every couple should have in the goody box!

The key to the We-Vibes success is its flexible ‘U’ shape. It’s simple. One side stimulates the clitoris while the other side, once inserted (with lots of lovely water based lube!) stimulates the G-Spot, leaving both your hands free to play. Once she has reached the ‘just take me now’ level, the narrow middle ‘admittance arm’ allows enough flexibility and room for a penis to enter while she is still wearing it … allowing you both to benefit from its sensual vibration!

Many women speak to me about difficulties they have in finding their G-Spot, so I encourage them to explore on their own. Once you have done some self-exploration you will have a better idea as to where to direct your partner – you cannot expect him to know if you don’t! The unique shape of the inner part of the We-Vibe is shaped to contour perfectly against the grooves of an aroused G-Spot, thus making it easier to stimulate. It brings me no end of joy to hear reports from women who received their first G-Spot orgasm from using this toy! And ladies, the hands free element can lend to much more enjoyable sit-ups on the morning…

Watch a demo here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9cA_kmid4k

Edie talks to The Doctors Channel about the We Vibe: http://www.thedoctorschannel.com/video/2969.html?specialty=


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