The House of Obakki

Last night Edie Hats and Tart Boutique attended a fabulous fashion show at Obakki in Gastown.

Black floppy straw by Lizzy from Edie Hats

Black floppy straw by Lizzy from Edie Hats

This wonderful event was hosted by Ask a Woman Event Planning and all in aid of raising awareness for an exciting campaign in the fight against Breast Cancer. The premise of the campaign is this. C.B.C.F has earmarked 2020 as the year to eradicate Breast Cancer as a life-threatening illness. There is much exciting progress being made in terms of conquering this disease, but we need one final surge to finally lower the axe on it for good.

Straw hat from Edie Hats

A powerful cause demands a unique idea. They are collecting 2,020 photographs of women and with a $25 donation you can send in a fabulous photograph of yourself or a woman important to you. These images will be a pixel in a larger image of a woman, designed by local Vancouver artist Pamela Masik. The final image will be revealed in at the Pret a Pour Tea event in October – which is something we are very excited to be involved with!

Back to last night, a wonderfully coordinated event that featured local design at its best. Champagne, dahlings, style and some great hats! What better way to spend a Tuesday…

For more information on the Pret-a-Pour Tea event in October, click here:

For more information of Obakki, click here:


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