Men who only take two minutes…

Finally! Our organic line of shaving creams and lotions have arrived from England. In celebration, here are a few tips (courtesy of Edwin Jagger) on how to get the perfect shave in just two minutes.

The irresistible sexiness of a man wet shaving

 2 Minute Shave

2.00 Run hot water into a basin
1.50 Place shaving brush in the water
1.45 Splash hot water onto the beard area
1.35 Dip shaving brush into shaving cream and whip up a lather in your palm or shaving bowl
1.25 Lather your face using a circular motion
1.05 Take your razor and starting by the sideburns, shave with the growth of your beard. Down the cheeks, sideways near top and bottom lip, shave with the growth under the chin.
0.25 Rinse your face and pat dry
0.10 Apply a small amount of moisturiser
0.00 Admire yourself in the mirror

More and more men are putting down their electric razors and returning to the wet shave. A wet shave allows for a closer shave with a smoother finish. As we like to say here at Tart, the wetter the better…


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One Response to Men who only take two minutes…

  1. Paul Edwards says:

    okay the first two minutes for the lower half……add three more to the upper and it’s all perfect…..smooth as a baby’s bottom

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