Pure Luxury In A Bottle

Pur Attar Oils
While Tart Boutique will travel to the ends of the earth in order to source the best products available, it is always great to find luxurious high quality on our own front door! The discovery of Pure-Attar, a line of sumptuous oils, was a gift from the Gods.

Jennifer Pedraza, Pure-Attar creator

Jennifer Pedraza, Pure-Attar creator

Creator and certified aromatherapist Jennifer Pedraza was inspired in her workplace, Miraj Hammam Spa on Granville and 6th, North America’s first spa of its kind. She felt the oils used there should be authentic to its Middle Eastern heritage and undertook some research to discover the perfect blends. A fruitful exercise, these fragrances are now their signature oils!

Our skin is our first line of defense against pathogens and is covered in a natural oil, an acid mantle that protects it. We remove this every time we shower, bathe and swim and most of us replenish moisture to our skin by slapping on products. However, most skin care products contain petroleum and minerals which can actually block pores and lead to an ugly build up that prevents your skin from breathing and doing its job. The molecular structures of natural oils are similar to the ones our bodies create so instead of sitting on the skin like a thick layer blocking pores, they absorb into it.

Oil of Damascus

Different types of oils correspond to different body parts. Oils from woods are good for bones and strength. Citrus oils come from the peel of the fruit, and are wonderful for the skin while oils derived from sap benefit the inner viscous workings of your body. Fragrances evoke memories much more effectively than any other sense because smell effects the lymbic system, which is connected to emotions.

Each of Pure Attars four oils represent a place where these spas can still be found today, Oil of Damascus, Star of Istanbul, Moroccan Moon and Tunisian Nights. The base oil is a combination of grape-seed and olive, a blend chosen for its consistency to aid massage and to absorb naturally into the skin.

Star of Istanbul contains Vetiver – a grass from India known for its grounding properties. The smell of grass after the rain always had a soothing effect for Jennifer, and her research showed her a way to bottle this! This earthy fragrance is grounding and benefits the nervous system. Moroccan Moon is a blend of Ylang, Ylang and lavender, both know for their soothing qualities. This oil is good for pregnant women (who deserve massages more than anyone!) and for helping babies get to sleep.

Pure-Attar body oils

Tunisian Nights is a wonderful blend of masculine and feminine oils. Sandalwood is an oil traditionally used in shaving products, and Rose – a famously feminine scent. Apparently, Rose oil was Cleopatras signature scent – and she knew a thing or two about seduction! Rose oil helps men connect with their feminine side … and ladies… burning it in your home before a major discussion will help your man understand the female mindset and thus help win your case! Worth a shot…

Oil of Damascus combines the earthy, warming goodness of cloves with sweet orange oil. Cloves are fabulous for circulation and muscle – especially useful for a deep massage after an over-extensive workout causes a lactic acid build up!

City living can be demanding on our bodies and stress is a major player in most illnesses. Massage helps you to slow down and release tension. That headache you have had for weeks may be caused by the emotions you carry in your body, which can be released with a good massage. The right oils can help trigger positive emotional responses, while giving your skin a helping hand in protecting your body.


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2 Responses to Pure Luxury In A Bottle

  1. stephaniepedraza says:

    Congrats sister!!!!! you are amazing. I love your oils so much! success and love:)

  2. Lupe says:

    I am a long-time user of Jennifer´s wonderful oils, they are truly fantastic!!

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