The Mysterious Legend of the Hidden G-Spot

Ladies, ever feel like you are playing a game of hide and seek with your G-Spot? Gentlemen, ever feel like you are on an Indian Jones mission without a map? Not to worry help is, um, at hand….

Women have fortuitously been granted more than one place where orgasm can be reached. While the clitoris is the most common source of orgasm, the G-Spot offers a much more intense experience – the writhing, seeing God, loss of oxygen to the brain kind women in films seem to have so easily all the time.

The female G-Spot has earned a reputation of being notoriously difficult to find. The discovery of its mysterious hiding place is often hampered by the fact that many men are often unaware how tricky it can be to stimulate and many women feel too self-conscious to give direction. While men have been endowed with many fabulous gifts specific to their gender, mind reading is not one of them. Ladies, it is up to you to discover your G-Spot. How can you expect your partner to find it if you cannot find it yourself?!

The G-Spot is located two inches from the opening of the vaginal canal on the front wall. It is bean shaped and about the size of a quarter. The spongey tissue feels slightly rougher than the surrounding tissue and will swell when aroused. This why foreplay is essential to a woman’s orgasm, the longer she is aroused the more engorged the g-spot will become and the easier it will be to both find and directly stimulate.

Lelo Gigi

Gigi by Lelo with a flattened tip for G-Spot exploration

Women should spend some time self exploring. Grab yourself a hand mirror and have a good look. Touch your vagina, insert your fingers inside and explore the area. Some vibrators are designed specifically to help you find the G-Spot. Gigi from Lelo has a tip with a wider surface area. She is hard and curved to help you apply pressure, thus making it easier to find.

Once you have done some homework, invite your partner to explore also. Gentlemen, once your lady is lying on her back (having already aroused her in whatever way works best!) gently slip a (clean, buffed and lubed) finger inside. Bend your finger slightly so that the pad faces ‘outward’ and slowly apply pressure while moving your finger around the area. Communicate with her, ask her if she feels you are getting closer to the right spot. She may need more pressure, move slightly up or slightly down. You will know when you find it! Many women react with almost shock, especially if they have never found their G-Spot before.

The right stimulation of the G-Spot can lead to a slow building orgasm that seems to come from the very core of your being and pulsate intensely around your body, ending in the elusive but very much real female ejaculation.

There are certain positions that work best for G-Spot stimulation. ‘Woman on top’ and ‘Posterior (doggy style)’ angles the penis in such a way that it should directly place pressure on the G-Spot area. With a woman lying on her back, a cushion under her hips can do the same trick.

Don’t be disappointed if after much exploration and experimentation there is still no reaction. Many women simply are not sensitive in this area and do not feel pleasure when it is stimulated, like the tickles you either have them or you don’t. Thankfully though, that’s why God gave us a clitoris too!


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