Leather Art by Monika

At Tart Boutique we like to support and show-case local designers who embody our ethos. This week we met Monika from Sadryna Designs, whose exquisite hand-made leather bags and clothing mixes a European attitude to style with a laid back West coast energy.

Leather belt by Sadryna Designs

Leather belt by Sadryna Designs

Monika puts the finishing touches on new outfit

Ballet dancer and Choreographer Monika has been a resident of Granville Island since 2003. She arrived in Canada from Homburg with her ten heavy duty German sewing machines, who she refers to as her ‘partners’. When asked why she dragged over these ten tonne machines in a 40ft container her response was simply, ‘because that quality does not exist anymore’. For Monika, good quality cannot be compromised. Written in her native German on the wall of her studio are the words ‘The memory of good quality lasts longer than the appreciation of a cheap prize’.

Sadryna Design work studio in Railspur alley, Granville Island

Sadryna Design work studio in Railspur alley, Granville Island

A former model, Monika’s love for fashion design began at the age of nine with the gift of a sewing machine. This tool allowed her to express her own style, a style which changes and grows throughout her life. She likes organic shapes and is heavily influenced by theatre and Art Nouveau.

Leather can be a very constricting textile to work with, but having a strong background in dance means movement is very important to Monika. Despite the often difficult character of leather, she manages to create pieces that flow and move with the body, creating a second skin which highlights movements instead of constricting them.

For more information on her custom made leather pieces contact:

Tel: (604)–313–7724

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