The Art of Shaving

Edwin Jagger RazorWomen understand the importance of taking some time and indulging in grooming, a routine that is about pampering yourself and taking pride in personal appearance. The average man will shave twenty-thousand times in his life. While many consider this a habitual daily chore, more and more men are re-discovering the art of shaving. Every man should find some time in the morning to pamper himself with a pleasurable shaving routine.

Plastic and cheap shaving gear does not inspire any sense of indulgence, a gentleman deserves the finest quality tools.

Edwin Jagger from England hand-makes traditional shaving tools using skills only few craftsmen in the world have mastered. Their brush heads are made from pure badger hair, which is best for both holding water and exfoliating. The handles range from a Bentley inspired chrome finish to an expertly crafted ancient ‘Barley’ pattern. Razor handles are made from solid brass and will fit Mach 3, Fusion and Excel disposable blades. Along with these beautiful tools they also carry a line of natural shaving creams and soaps. Fragrances used are traditional, simple and masculine. Sandalwood, Aloe Vera and Sea Buckthorn, all cultivated organically and efficiently sourced where possible.

Men, enjoy the process. Your face will thank you, as will those who get close to it!

Six steps to perfect shaving

Edwin Jagger Shaving Brush

Edwin Jagger Shaving Cream

1. Prior to shaving, gently wash the face with hot water or steam with a towel soaked in hot water. This softens the beard and relaxes the face muscles.
2. Thoroughly wet a badger hair shaving brush in hot water; apply a small amount of Edwin Jagger shaving cream to the brush and work up a rich and creamy lather in the palm of one hand or in a shaving bowl.
3. Lather the beard area with the brush using a circular motion to build up a good layer; this cleanses the face and lubricates the skin, allowing the razor to glide smoothly. To lather above the top lip, squeeze the brush between thumb and fingers.
4. Using a clean razor, shave in the direction of beard growth. Let the razor glide over the skin without excessive pressure. Start at the sideburns and work down each side of the face toward the chin.
5. To shave the area under the nose, push the nose upwards with one finger, shaving sideways across the top lip. Below the jaw line shave in the direction of the beard growth only the beard can grow in several different directions in this area, use wet fingers to learn the pattern of beard growth.
6. After shaving rinse the face with cool water and apply an alcohol-free shaving lotion. Only apply fragrance to the sides of the neck and chest.


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