Happy Birthday, Mom!

Talking to a stranger about your mother’s sex life is not a conversation most people plan to have on a regular day.

The Big O by Lou PagetRecently, a lady wandered in looking for a birthday gift for her mother, a sixty-five year old widow quite shy about her sexuality. This lady had a dilemma. She wanted to encourage her mother to explore a much neglected part of her life, but like most people found it difficult to openly talk to a parent about sex and pleasure.

Firstly, we wanted her mother to feel comfortable about her body and her sexual needs. A lifetime of shyness can leave many questions unanswered and nobody should do without sexual pleasures because of uncertainties that are easily purged. Lou Paget demystifies much about orgasms in her straightforward book, ‘The Big O’ and gives simple advice on how best to have one. Useful for all ages and expertise levels, she frankly discusses sexuality and encourages exploration.

Iris Vibrator by Lelo

Iris Vibrator by Lelo

While lubricants are something many people need throughout their sexual lives, it becomes especially important as we get older. With so many to chose from, a shy person may simply go without instead of asking for help. We suggested a simple water based lube from our Organics line, which would work well with the final part of the gift… an elegant vibrator named Iris. She is a beautiful pink vibrator with petal shaped ridges that offer deep stimulation. With five different pulsating and speed settings she is perfect for exploring without being overcomplicated.

Confident we had done well the lady left happy, safe in the knowledge she was about to give her mother a birthday gift that would outshine any bunch of flowers!


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