Lube – a Personal Journey

Tart’s words of wisdom on tubes of lube…

Disarming peoples fears and misconceptions about our more intimate products is such a thrill for me. To chat with a person unfamiliar or shy about something like lubricant and watching them leave well informed with a product than will transform their sex life is inspiring! A liberation from fears and some guidance in pursuing pleasure.

It is widely mis-conceived that lube is only used by older people. However, something as simple as a glass or two of red wine can diminish your bodies ability to create its own fluids. Women produce different amounts of fluid depending on where they are in their cycle. Every body is different. Intimate lubricant has been around as long as the phrase ‘Oh goodness, that burns!’. Oil, fats, grease, squid ink – whatever was ‘at hand’ was used to ease whatever needed easing. Thankfully, today we have much nicer alternatives.
Jo Lube
Personal lube comes in many different forms, for different uses and different body types. I like ones that are designed with real sex in mind, and only carry brands that are tried and tested!

Silicone lubes are fabulous as they are much slipperier than water based products. They do not soak into the skin and will last longer – which is especially great for foreplay. The best hand jobs in the world are mastered with a bit of the slippery stuff and some twisting hand motions. Beware with silicone toys though, as this type of lube can eventually degrade the surface – which would spoil the fun!

Some people find that silicone can irritate sensitive skin and so will opt for a water based product for when it comes to intercourse. These are gentle on your skin and I carry a gorgeous organic line from Sliquid. Water based lubes have the disadvantage of sometimes drying out during use, but can simply be revived by applying more lube or adding water.

For foreplay fun try out some flavored lubes or warming gels. Flavors are not always to everybody’s taste but no harm in trying out all your options! With warming gels, try rubbing some in your palms before applying it to your partner. Blow gently on the gel once applied and behold the reaction!
Swirl Lubricant
Oils are fabulous as many good ones can be used for massage and as a lovely lube. I love pure sweet almond oil, it smells great and beautifully moisturizes your skin – while doing some work!

A thicker lube is essential for anal sex as this part of the body is particularly sensitive (yay!) and delicate (ouch!). Anal is often disregarded because of peoples fear of discomfort, but with the right gel it is a very sensual experience.

Some lubes don’t work with latex so always be sure to check. I always recommend doing some homework in order to find the right one for you. That’s why I carry little sampler sizes, take a bunch home and have fun figuring it out!


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