Valentine’s Gifts At Tart

Explore the more playful side of your relationship and defy conventional gifts!

Valentines Day can be a minefield for those seeking the perfect gift for their partner. Bombarded as we are these days by hollow sentiments from corporations the message of love can often be lost amidst giant stuffed animals and over-priced cards. This fifteen hundred year old tradition began with simplicity, celebrating St. Valentine and the expression of love. Love can be expressed in many ways and Tart Boutique is at hand to help explore different ways to express this love.
Jimmyjane Wink
The simple touch of your partners hands on your body is enough to create a deeply sensual and intimate experience. Massage, when done with pleasure, can be a very powerful way to bond. You are in constant physical contact with your partner, learning the grooves of their body while helping them relax and feel safe. Jimmy Jane provides the tools with a range of massage candles and stones guarantee heighten the experience. As the soy based candles burn they melt into a massage oil than can be poured directly onto the body. This oil can also be poured into the massage stones, which create different sensations on the skin. Your body is left feeling soft, relaxed and energized – ready for the next stage of the evening!

While sex in something innate in us all that we do not need to be taught, we can all benefit from learning more. A gift does not have to come wrapped in ribbons and bows. Tart Boutique is a big fan of Lou Pagets indispensable series of books that help people explore both their own sexuality and that of their lovers. Surprise your partner with something new and discover levels to your sex life you may not have known before!

Vibrators are something often considered a solo pass-time, which is a misconception that leaves many people out of the fun. Not only can regular vibrators be added to sexual play, the We Vibe has been specially designed by a couple (from Canada!) with couples in mind. The We Vibe can be worn during sex and is completely waterproof, so sharing a bath has never been more fun!
Vibrators by Lelo

However you choose to show your love to your partner do it with fun and exploration in mind!

Be a Little Tart this Valentine


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