Edie Orenstein and the Quest for Pleasure

Like all journeys, a quest for pleasure must begin somewhere. For Edie, it began in childhood, growing up in a theatrical home filled with art and without inhibitions. Her father was a painter and her mother an actor of high regard. Passion, expression, and creativity were a part of everyday life.

As she left home and explored the world she witnessed society’s attachment of guilt to pleasure – something alien to her previously. As a natural enabler, she was frustrated with a world that shames sensuality and enforces boundaries. She dreamed of coaxing people out of this shyness and denial of pleasure.

Inspiration came from her already legendary Edie Hats store. Witnessing on a daily basis the joy people gained from simply trying on exquisite hats she envisioned a place where people could experience the same playfulness and expressiveness about sensuality. A canvass where people were safe to satisfy their curiosity and feel joy at beautiful things.

Tart Boutique is the realization of this vision, the canvass where people are free to explore their more sensual side at their own pace where no question or query is out of bounds. Despite joy and success in her private life, Edie knows that the quest for pleasure is a life-long journey. For those seeking pleasure in their lives, she hopes Tart Boutique will be a inspiring destination along the route.

Tart Boutique

Granville Island
103-1551 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9
Tel: 604 685 7755


About tartboutique

Tart is a deliciously sexy boutique filled with beautiful things.
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