Tart with a Heart says: Home is where the Heart is…

Finally open and its feels great to be home! It has been a very exciting few weeks, full of pre-show nerves. It’s always a little scary being the new girl on the street. I was also unsure how receptive the community would be to my more grown-up products. Would people accept my open approach to sensuality? Would shame keep people from exploring?

Saturday was the big day and thankfully the first lady into the store gasped with delight at the beauty surrounding her and was thrilled with the variety of products on display. She was followed by streams of people who were charmed and amused with the buzz of the boutique. The nonplussed were put at ease (with the help of wine and cheese!) by the friendliness of my girls. Some reactions were filled with relief, finally a safe space with an understanding team to go to for more intimate needs.

Granville Island granted me the diverse crowd I have been looking for. Ladies looking for luxurious local jewelry and dresses, couples on vacation looking for something fun, men looking for smart shirts with style. With only positive reactions to report I could not have asked for a better opening day which left me feeling truly accepted.

I’m at home on Granville Island, and am lucky enough to have my big sister (Edie Hats) nearby to keep an eye on me!

Tart Boutique

Granville Island
103-1551 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9
Tel: 604 685 7755


About tartboutique

Tart is a deliciously sexy boutique filled with beautiful things.
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