Perfumes Make Scents: Part Two – A Buyer’s Guide

Ombre Rose Perfume

The perfumes available at Tart have been carefully selected. Many are unique. All speak their own individual, wonderfully sensual language. Here are some of the outstanding perfumes you can try at our store:

  • Ombre Rose (J-C Brosseau) – created by famous perfumer Françoise Caron, this is a light, highly fragrant, powdery rose-based perfume that evokes images and memories of Grande Dames of Paris.
  • Ombre Bleu (J-C Brosseau) – this fresh concoction denotes carnation and orange blossom at first contact with the skin, quickly followed by lily, rose, and jasmine, and finishing with a lightly lingering combination of balsamic, woody, and musky notes.
  • Ombre Jasmine-Lilas (J-C Brosseau) – the quintessential jasmine perfume – think southern France in the heat of summer: green leafy notes and pungent floral with a vernal fruit finish.

Perfume @ Tart

  • Fleur de Cabotine (Grès) – playful, theatrical, and light green in colour, this perfume starts with a fresh wave of floral that blends into tender notes of peony and cactus, finishing with warm notes of nectarine, heliotrope and musk.
  • Caline (Grès) – inspired by the feeling of surprise mingled with coquettishness experienced during a tender embrace, this contemporary perfume is very feminine, starting with a hit of mandarin and grapefruit, followed by notes of jasmine and lotus, and finishing with the sugary notes of praline.
  • Jaguar Classic (Jaguar) – a pungent masculine woody-musk with notes of citrus, orange, basil, anise and ginger, slightly reminiscent of the smell of new leather in a classic car.
  • Jaguar Woman (Jaguar) – the feminine version of Jaguar Classic, for women who love to drive with the top down: mandarin, watermelon, and red currant, followed by peony, water lily and jasmine, finishing with clean white musk, sandalwood, and amber notes.

My Morgan

  • Morgan Sweet Paradise (Morgan) – this gentle, floral, and fruity perfume is destined for the younger generation and the young at heart with its floral and berry notes and a deep finish of marzipan and sandalwood.
  • Love de toi (Morgan) – lots of fruit in this lighthearted perfume! Raspberry, pear, apple, pink grapefruit, and tangerine are quickly succeeded by the strong floral of rose, jasmine, and grenadine, leaving lingering notes of musk, sandalwood, and morello cherry at the finish.

Tart ~ Perfume

This is just a sampling of the perfumes at Tart Boutique. Others include: more in the Jaguar line (Jaguar Fresh for Men, Jaguar Fresh for Women, Jaguar Performance and Jaguar Prestige) as well as Borsalino, Axis, Axis Sense of Space, Police Uomo, Pal Zileri, Pal Zileri Concept, and Pal Zileri Lab for men. Perfumes make a thoughtful, personal gift for any special occasion. Come check them out at our store, and ask for assistance from our trained staff!

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Note: All of the scents, lotions, and soaps previously available at Edie Hats have been moved to our sister store Tart, in the West End on Denman Street.

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