Perfumes Make Scents: Part 3 – An Open Letter to the Sexy Urban Male

Dear Sexy Urban Male,

We’d like to introduce you to someone new. Tart. She’s a sexy, smart shop with a playful attitude and piquant confidence. Tart is full of luxurious delights for both men and women including a collection of irresistibly masculine fragrances.

L'ome Durance

"L'ome" by Durance

Like L’ome (Durance) and Panama (Borsalino): two well-rounded scents for men. L’ome is a refined blend of citrus, floral and spice as tasteful as the wood-paneled library in a country home. Borsalino’s Panama reminds us of a good bottle of oaked chardonnay with its light start and warm finishing notes of cashmere, wood, and amber.


"Panama" by Borsalino

 Tart also has three elegant scents from the Pal Zileri line. Pal Zileri Concept has the well-tailored feel of an Italian linen suit, starting with crisp notes of grapefruit and green apple and aging into oakmoss, sandalwood and vetiver. Pal Zileri Lab is like the cool fragrant air of an Italian summer evening. This scent appeals to the young, self-assured entrepreneur who is no stranger to attention. Pal Zileri #18 is for the young outdoorsman of the “round of golf anyone?” type. This scent confidently blends notes of citrus, vetiver and oakmoss into a perfume with assurance and poise.

Men's Scents at Tart

Men's Scents at Tart

And we think you’ll love the versatile Police Uomo. With its peppery spice and woody finish it suits all ages. Its refined green freshness makes it an easy scent to wear.


We think you should get to know Tart. We know you’ll get along beautifully.

See you soon,
The Smart Lasses at Tart


About tartboutique

Tart is a deliciously sexy boutique filled with beautiful things.
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    Thank you for the helpful information. I bookmarked your site, and I hope you keep up the good work on making your blog a success!

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