Smart Tart: Locally Designed Jewelry and Floral Headpieces!

Smart Tart came to us as a beautiful surprise.

In the whirlwind of putting up Tart, Edie and I made an appointment with a woman on the strength of her company’s name: Smart Tart. It sounded perfect.

Kat, Smart Tart Designer

Kat, Smart Tart Designer

When Kat, Smart Tart’s designer, arrived, we both held our breath. She was stunning: dressed in a glamorous waist cincher, a pencil skirt, and a vintage fur-trimmed coat. She was wearing one of her own headpieces: a little red cardinal nesting amidst red flowers, with red veiling sweeping across her brow. I had the sense that she lived her style. Dressing up was simply an everyday act.

Smart Tart Headpiece

Smart Tart Headpiece

Once we got over the visual pleasure of her arrival, she opened her hatboxes to reveal a collection of floral headpieces, some with cardinals, others with netting, a pink peony on a pink headband, flower chokers that could also double as headbands. She had French lace sleevelets and leather cuffs with ribbons to secure them in place. She also showed us some of her jewelry and explained the properties of each gem.

All in all, we were in love.

These floral beauties are perfect for Valentine’s Day dates or to evoke the feelings of a Spring Fling. They’re available at both Edie Hats and Tart.

Interview with Kat, Smart Tart’s Designer

Come meet Kat at one of our Valentine’s Day Events at Tart!

Saturday, January 31st, Friday, February 6, and Saturday, February 7, at 7pm

Tart – A Deliciously Sexy Boutique
1001 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC

Smart Tart Necklace

Smart Tart Necklace


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Tart is a deliciously sexy boutique filled with beautiful things.
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