Welcome to Tart Boutique

Welcome to Tart Boutique on Granville Island – an exciting new retail experience that purveys sensual luxury. From classic little black dresses to high end shaving tools, we carry products that help make daily pampering a little easier.

Whether spoiling yourself or looking for a unique gift for someone special, Tart Boutique is filled with delicious items that enhance life’s pleasures. Open seven days, visit us here or explore our site for a sampling of our lines.

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Tart Boutiques’ Naughty List

We all work hard and so with gusto we embrace these few days in the midst of Winter every year to indulge.  Champagne, elaborate dinners, new outfits and the exchanging of gifts are the glimmering lights that guide us through cold, dark days and keep us cheery ‘till Spring.

Tart Boutique is here to offer up some suggestions to make the gift of giving much more… pleasurable!

1) Massage. The act alone is a beautifully sensual gift and can be done with any cheaply purchased oil. However, with a couple of tools and fancy oils it can go from a simple gesture to royal treat! The combination of ergonomically designed stones from Jimmy Jane and the deeply relaxing fragrances from Pure Attar will leave your partner feeling utterly spoiled.




2) The gift of Orgasam. With dark nights drawing us in and dull re-runs on the TV, it is the perfect time of year for indulging in extra long sessions with your partner. Orgasms are such wonderfully diverse things that there is always room for innovation and creativity.  Add some toys into the mix and you have the ingredients for a very Happy Holiday! We thoroughly suggest the We Vibe… 





3) Grooming. Every man deserves the right tools for his daily shave.  In a sea of cheap, plastic drug store brands the benefits of using the right tools can sometimes be forgotten. However, ask a man how different he feels after using classic shaving tools from Edwin Jagger, Manchester and they will rave about the soft brushes, comfortable handles and ultra manly fragrance of the organic soaps.





4) Bling. As exciting as a large gift is to open, we all secretly hope for a small little box with a bow. Jewelry is such an intimate purchase that it is thrilling when somebody takes a chance and gets it right.  Nicole Thomas’ line are unique one off pieces made from reclaimed silver, pearls and ethically farmed butterfly wings. Beautiful colours and shapes which never fail to please. 




5) Literature. A book is something one can linger over, browse through at their leisure. Few things are more pleasurable than curling up with your favourite topic.  Whether it be Art, Fashion, Travel, Sex, Food or a timeless classic such as Wuthering Heights, Tart Boutique has an enviable library! Our top three favourites are

1) The Big Book Of… series Taschen series paying homage to everybodys’ favourite body parts! We have legs, breasts, bums and penises!

2) The Private Collection – A collection of Erotic Victorian Photography.

3) Louis Vuitton, Art, Fashion and Architecture

If you have any questions about any of our products, or to enquire about gift wrapping or gift certificates, please feel free to pop in and ask one of our sales associates!

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Tart Boutique gets hot in the kitchen…

…Ok enough of the bad puns about heat and firemen, as much as I enjoy them there’s cooking to be done.

With three guests to impress and not much time for slow cooked meals in a hectic lifestyle I have skimmed through the Vancouver Firefighters ‘Pot on the Stove’ cookbook to find something simple and healthy. Mandeep’s Tomato Chicken Curry looks perfect. Ingredients are easily sourced at the Granville Island Public Market and aside from the rice, this dish is essentially a one pot affair. Surely I can manage that…

The shopping: Olive oil (30ml), Onions (2 large diced), Ginger (2 Tbsp diced), Garlic (2 Tbsp diced), Green/Yellow/Red pepper (2 chopped), Potatoes, (4 large, chopped) Tomato paste (half a cup), Madras paste (quarter cup), Chili pepper (1 tsp), Cilantro (2 Tbsp) , Chicken breasts (4 cubed)) and stock (2 cups), Champagne (1 glass).

The Cooking: In a large pot on a medium/high heat, add first six ingredients.

Easy. Stir and cook until onions are soft. Pop champagne cork and pour glass. Drink.

Next, add the pastes and chili pepper.  Stir. Done. Add the chicken and the cilantro, stirring for a few minutes and adding a drop of water.

Turn down the heat and add the stock, stirring to make sure nothing sticks to the pot. Simmer for 30 minutes and serve with some healthy brown basmati rice.

Serve. (Further Champagne optional but recommended)

A brief pause by guests at the beginning of the meal caused momentary concern. Oh goodness. To hot? Potatoes not cooked? Nope, just savouring the deliciousness. Success!

The Vancouver Firefighters Celebrity Cookbook ‘Pot on the Stove’ is available at Tart Boutique for $15. All proceeds go to their selected charities, mainly the BC Children’s hospital. It includes recipes from local firefighters and celebrities such as Sarah McLaughlin, Michael Buble, Jamie Oliver, Trevor Linden, Steve Nash, and many others.

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Venetian inspiration…

Venice has long been a muse for artists and thinkers alike – making it impossible for Tart Boutique creator Edie Orenstein to escape its seductive charm.

It is not simply the surreal experience of traveling through streets on a gondola, or the medieval architecture and renaissance art that appeals, but the intellectual liberty that is carved in its deeply cultured past.

Venetian Canal - courtesy of White Album Photography

Since the birth of Venice over fifteen hundred years ago as a refuge for those fleeing Germanic invasions on its protective marshy grounds, it has harboured countless refugees seeking religious, political and sexual freedom in Europe’s dark ages. The seat of political, naval and commercial power by the 13th Century, Venetian nobles and philanthropists vied with each other to patron the best artists, scholars and scientists. Art, literature and hedonism bloomed. At a time when most of the world were illiterate peasants, Venice was producing Gothic cathedrals and inspiring Shakespearean dramas. The Republics wealthy citizens celebrated the splendor of their city and produced some of the worlds most opulent surroundings. Many beautiful, educated and connected local women seized this opportunity to gain financial independance and thus gave rise to the iconic Venetian Courtesan. These intelligent and accomplished women were considered the jewel of Europe and have been remarked upon throughout literature of the time. Seen as essential to the economy of Venice, their occupation was not only protected but encouraged by the city’s leaders.

While much of Tart Boutiques aesthetic reflects a Venetian courtesans boudoir, it is the ethos and heritage of the city that inspires us the most. An embracing of art, pleasure-seeking and liberation. An open mind towards learning, an understanding of the importance of luxury and a shameless love for hedonism.

Venice has a special place in our heart, which we hope to inspire in those who walk through our doors (and under our Venetian lamp!).

Images courtesy of Elizabeth and Mark Kowan

website: www.whitealbumweddings.com

facebook: http://tinyurl.com/yjgyu8q

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Salons: A Haven for an open mind

Throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance, many Venetian women became the most sought after courtesans in the world. Beautiful, educated and often accomplished singers, poets and artists who were paid small fortunes for their companionship by politicians, poets, merchants and nobles. Despite modern connotations, these were respected members of the court and did much to forefront the womens liberation movement.

Veronica Franco, famous Venetian Courtesan and Salon Host

The most successful of these women lived independently in luxury. Her home became a hub of social activity where she would provide entertainment and amusements to Europe’s elite – artists, writers, aristocracy. As there were few public places to socialise outside the home, guests would gather in the Courtesans salon to discuss literature, politics and the days current events. It was at these salons that many of Venice’s most prominent courtesans earned their reputations for being remarkable conversationists, educated and talented writers who often compiled their own work. It was an opportunity for men to seek the company of intelligent and outspoken women and for ladies to advance the cause of their sex.

The idea of hosting a salon became popular in Europe, especially in Paris. Here the salons were often frequented only by women, who were free to discuss politics, literature and sexuality without being overshadowed by men.

Parisian Salon circa 1728

The most famous of these groups was known as ‘The Blue Stockings’ or ‘Les Bas Bleu’ (which came to mean ‘intelligent women’) – an appellation that travelled to Victorian England salons hosted by female nobility in London. In anti-Semitic parts of Germany, wealthy Jewish women organised salons in their homes, open to all ethnic backgrounds in an attempt to break down social barriers.

Salons throughout the world have come to be associated with a gathering of like-minded people to discuss often taboo topics in a safe and intellectual environment. While they have declined in a time when no subject is forbidden, the provision of a safe, non-judgmental environment where discussions can be lead by knowledgeable experts is becoming very fashionable once again.

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Official Launch Masquerade Party

On August 27th we hosted our official launch party with very special guest,
Earl 18k Gold pleasure object from Lelo!

Venetian Masquerade Party

Venetian Masquerade Party, it was an evening of seduction and fantasy.
With complimentary hors d’oeuvres, signature cocktails and live music.

Our beautiful costumes came from Watts Costumes, 217 West 6th ave. www.wattscostumes.com

Check out our photo gallery below. Portraits by White Album Photography

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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I vibe, you vibe, WE vibe!

Among the many fabulous goodies nestled around Tart Boutique is a bone fide superstar. This superstar has been featured in The New York Times, Glamour, GQ, Cosmo and Marie Claire to name but a few. Spotted at the Oscars, Super-bowl and other high profile events, this Canadian has gleaned international awards and gained an explosive reputation.

The story of the We-Vibe is a success story on many levels. Designed by a suburban husband and wife from just outside Ottawa who felt the world needed a perfect couples toy. After several years of intense, grueling research and design, they eventually came up with the We-Vibe.
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Sexual Savant Salons

We are very excited to announce the first in our series of Sexual Savant Salons! Local sex and relationship coach Kim Anami will be hosting a series of discussions in Tart Boutique. These intimate 60-90 minute presentations focus on discussing a variety of sexual topics, aimed at teaching new techniques and allowing attendees to ask questions in a sensual and fun environment.

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Art, Design and Butterflies

Tart Boutique enjoys a good treasure hunt. We love beautiful objects that are unique and inspiring and so were thrilled to discover Sunshine Coast silversmith and designer, Nicole Thomas. An Emily Carr graduate and entrepreneur, Nicole is largely self-taught when it comes to making jewelry. Heavily inspired by the shapes and motifs of Art Nouveau from the turn of the last century, she infuses butterflies and pearls into much of her work.

Nicole Thomas

Nicole Thomas

Butterflies are a large part of the imagery we use at Tart Boutique. They carry the motif of love, ecstasy and desire. What makes Nicole’s pieces so unique is that she uses real butterfly wings – a fact that can often startle people. However, these colourful wings are ethically farmed in South America. Butterflies live short lives and the wings are harvested after they have naturally died. The farms are a part of a co-operative that follows strict guidelines and supports the local communities and workers – in much the same way we get fair-trade coffee. When asked about her draw to the Butterflies, she replied it was their unique development and evolution along with the organic shapes of their wings that appealed. Butterflies represent freedom, beauty and the ability to transform oneself.
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The House of Obakki

Last night Edie Hats and Tart Boutique attended a fabulous fashion show at Obakki in Gastown.

Black floppy straw by Lizzy from Edie Hats

Black floppy straw by Lizzy from Edie Hats

This wonderful event was hosted by Ask a Woman Event Planning and all in aid of raising awareness for an exciting campaign in the fight against Breast Cancer. The premise of the campaign is this. C.B.C.F has earmarked 2020 as the year to eradicate Breast Cancer as a life-threatening illness. There is much exciting progress being made in terms of conquering this disease, but we need one final surge to finally lower the axe on it for good.
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